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Have we detected an invisible black hole?

Have we detected an invisible black hole

2019 was one of the years of breakthrough for the cosmologists, for detecting a black hole. But many are nearly impossible to be detected. But now astronomers claim they have found an invisible one.

This research has been posted online and submitted to a journal where it is yet to be peer reviewed.

When the gravity inside a star grows so much so that it make the whole star to collapse under its own gravity, a black hole is formed. the force of gravity is so strong that even light can’t escape it. This is what makes it hard to detect it.

black hole | time lapse photo of stars on night
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Now if a black hole doesn’t emit light, doesn’t it mean that it is invisible? Well… No! Though it got its name because even light can’t escape, that is the same thing we detect them with; a strong force of gravity. hundreds have been detected this way. they are detectable the way they interact with their surroundings.

Think of this way. We define hydrophobic materials as those materials, which repel water. now if I have a tub full of water. Now if I drop a hydrophobic ball in the water, we will see water damping slightly there. even if this ball can’t be seen, I can still detect it with its property. in the same way we detect a black hole.


Black holes can be detected by two ways. one way is via their gravitational influence which we discussed above. For example, at the center of our galaxy, we see a really dark spot (empty), around which, all the stars are circling. It is as if they are circling a very dense mass. That spot is where the black hole is.

The second way is observing radiations. When an object falls into the black hole, it falls into a very hot disc, so emits radiations (For example in the form of X-rays).

Have we detected an invisible black hole?

Well… this question will be answered once the Paper is published where it is yet to peer review in Astrophysical Journal.

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