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Homework – How to Ep 1: How to be productive towards your homework and assignment

How many times has it happened that you have thought of finishing your homework some days before the date of submission? Yes! many times. It is a common problem in most students but the question is how to deal with this and be productive.

Many times you would have thought of changing this delaying attitude of yours towards the submission of your homework, but it doesn’t work. Don’t worry, if this is your problem, you have come to a good place. But remember that if you have come for the shortcuts, it is not a place for you, because there are no shortcuts.

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1. Breaking the complexities into simplicities to be productive

    Recall what er do in order to solve any problem in mathematics. We try to make problems as simple as they can be. 

OK! you are not a mathematician, try to understand this way. What will happen if you are given 1000 dollars and now you are told to spend the way you want it in 24 hours on any actual commodity or product that you cannot make money with later? what will you do? will you purchase biscuits and some random stuff?

No. You will recall the things you need that pile up under 1000 dollars. And guess what, that is your first step of completing your task. in the same way, in the case of homework and assignments, make a to-do list. I recommend using google Calendar as I myself use it and found it a great tool for everybody, students especially. 

2. Use Parkinson’s Law to be productive

Parkinson’s law states “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” which in short gives us the moral of time stamping. If there is a question that genuinely would take fifteen minutes to be completed if you stay 100% productive, and you are considering completing it in 1 hour, it will take around that time to be completed.

If you think to complete it in 20 minutes, it will take 20 minutes to be completed. Therefore Estimate the time every individual item would take on your list, figure out the sources you are going to take help from, e.g. Books, Internet, and then make a timetable on google calendar about it or on a page to recap the promises you have done to yourself.

3. Connect to be productive

You might have heard about the story when a teacher is teaching some students about archery. he commands them to aim at the wooden bird’s eye and to every student, he would ask, “What do you see there?” to which every student would reply, “Some branches, leaves, and bird.” and everyone would fail.

Then the teacher asked the same question to another student, Arjuna to which he replied “I see the bird’s eye only.” and he was successful in aiming at the bird’s eye. in the same way, before you set yourself up for the homework or assignments, make sure you are not distracted by your phone. download the resources you are collecting your data from and turn off the data on your phone. This is how you won’t be distracted easily and will focus on your homework instead.

Make sure you have inserted breaks in your timetable

inserting breaks like 15-5-15 helps you stay productive. you can use any system like I have used here 15 minutes of working-5 minutes of free time and then 15 minutes of working again and repeat. but you can use any as per your need.

Reward yourself and be productive

After completing every topic or whatever convention you have used, reward yourself to tell yourself that you have done a great job so that your mind can be prepared for the next task joyfully.

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