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Productivity – How to Ep 2: How to increase your productivity

Do you feel like you are not finishing the work efficiently and lacking the productivity? Like you are doing very little and not enough. You lack productivity, and here is how to increase your productivity

What are the factors that affect productivity?

According to Harvard, following are the factors that affect your productivity:

  • Workspace.
  • Ergonomics.
  • What time of the day it is.
  • Breaks you take.
  • How much you sleep.
  • Exercise.
  • Your food and water intake.
  • Distractions and distractibility.
  • Temptations and impulse control.
  • Motivational Intrinsic.
  • How oriented you are towards your goal.
  • Stress.
  • Mental energy required

Make sure to review all the above factors for you and make a strategy that is easy to imply and will lead to noticeable productivity. This in turn will increase your motivation level which will let you be more productive.

If it is daydreaming that distracts you, then you must read Why you must stop daydreaming and 7 ways to stop? before moving further.

Make a strategy

Have you ever felt how you are able to do a particular work at a particular time? Like in school we were taught how morning was a better time to study Math and at evening times we used to enjoy walking. If you want to maximize your productivity, set the time of a subject you like to do at a time you enjoy it the most. All you have to do is to notice the time when your mind is sharp and you are full of energy. Set the tasks that require most mental energy at the times when you are in the prime of your energy.

Make sure to break your work in fragments. If you are said to pay $1000 bill at a time, it might seem hectic, but if that is converted in $100 for ten days, it becomes easier. instead of looking at one chapter a day, why not to break the chapter and see 5 concepts a day that cover the chapter. Breaking into pieces help a lot.


You have to set timers. not like stopwatch, or measuring time and that is all. one of the methods that many users find helpful is “Pomodoro Technique.” You just have to set the timer for 25 minutes to work and then 5 minutes for a break and then repeat. 25+5=30; one Pomodoro consists of 30 minutes in this example, and after some pomodoros (3 or 4 usually) take a longer break for 30 minutes.

Manage Distractions

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  • Make sure to put your phone away from you, at least the distance that you will need to get up from your position and walk a bit to reach to it.
  • Limit your Internet access with the help of some software available.
  • Make sure to use books as a reading material instead of computers or mobile phones

You MUST NOT multitask

Neuroscientist professor Earl K. Miller says “multitasking is not humanly possible.” In short Multitasking will hurt your productivity. You just have to focus on one single work and follow the above rules and then pick the second one of your to-do list.

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Article by Mehvish Zahoor

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