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Business ideas in Kashmir: Amazing guide for 2022


While researching and presenting ‘Business ideas in Kashmir’ to you, we searched the web right away. But we were not satisfied by the answers there. It was less about ‘entrepreneurship‘ and more about what already Kashmiris are doing.

But still, we will mention these opportunities here as they can cultivate huge profits also. Then we will continue the article forward.

Here is a topic on Business ideas in Kashmir:

1 Web design and development

2 Poultry farming

3 Dairy farming, & Butter and Curd

4 Agriculture

It must be remembered that all of the 4 mentioned above have a good outcome. you can have the profit of lakhs if handled carefully. In this case you must read this article for how to make your business run.

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‘Business’ Business ideas in Kashmir

1 E-commerce

According to Investopedia, ‘the term electronic commerce (ecommerce) refers to a business model that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell goods and services over the Internet’.

Every business around you wants to expand and the place where they can expand rapidly is internet.

You can create an Ecommerce website, which you can get get at a cheaper price by clicking here.

2 Recycling

This sector is yet not focused in Kashmir but if used properly, can generate tons with a very minute investment as compared to other high-level businesses. As you will be able to generate money, plus saving environment, plus recycling is mostly cheaper as raw material as compare to the direct importation. Therefore Recycling business can be a go for you. If you Don’t know from where to start the business, you can check out this article.

3 Web design and development

Internet has become an integral art of our lives. Every business wants to come up higher than its competitor and that is where you will pop-up. You can use freelancing websites or create your own Web design and development company. You can get tons of rewards after you start and why not to use Razorpay for its reliability.

4 Setup a chain Business

Have you heard about McDonald’s? Domino’s? Starbucks? Yes you have, but have you seen any of these chains around you in Kashmir? No.

By setting up a chain, you don’t need to spend tons on marketing, you will be marketed because everyone knows about these brands.

5 Odd one out

When you think of Kashmiri YouTubers what comes to your mind? Old-style comedy, singing, and news and updates!

Roasting, using vulgar language and other unethical content is strongly condemned and discouraged by Ganaie. Remember, in order to earn your bucks, don’t go on someone to leave him humiliated and stressed.


You can learn video editing skills and create your unique content where you will be able to attract huge amount of crowd because of the principals we have already covered in Entrepreneurship.

6 Writing

As they say, Kashmiris are born writers. You definitely must try writing. You can do content writing, SEO-friendly article writing, Poetry writing, Short Story writing, and much more. For writers, creativity is the limit.

If you are feeling if your writing is worth it, then why not to use some help for free. If you write literature, submit your work to, and REMEMBER, Email MUST be titled, “GUIDE” and attach one of your pieces with the email. After a review, they will contact you back and in an online zoom meeting, they will tell you how to improve and what to do and all for free. If you are doing SEO-friendly writing, submit it to and follow the steps mentioned above for The NighTale. We will guide you and for FREE!

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