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Job vs Business: What is better for YOU?


Job vs Business, what must you chose as your career pathway? I am not making this up, but the fact is that the decision depends on you. Then why you must read this article?

It is because we are going to give you some inputs and after processing, you will output yourself for what you should chose. But first you must know what your aim actually is. To be more specific, what aim actually is and how can you control it?

What is your aim?

Have you ever felt being something in your life but then the decision changes rapidly as you uncover more things? E.g, you wanted to become a doctor, even you knew that you were made for this and worked hard, but due to some financial circumstances, you change your aim to become a police officer. you work hard for some four years and finally you are. What difference do you think you will not get a chance to make?

If put in simple words, aim is not a profession, but the philosophy. Aim is not being a doctor, but helping sick people. Aim is not becoming a police officer, but dealing with crime. Aim is not being a politician, but helping people.

In the same way, you must first understand what your aim actually is? How you think you are going to contribute to the society.

Once you know the answer, you are ready for leading a successful life.

Job vs Business

“I would say to a young person- You can choose a life of ease and comfort or you can choose a life of service and adventure, which one of those when you are 90 years old are you gonna be proud of?”

Jeff Bezos
Job vs Business
Job vs business: Two men meeting virtually.

A ‘Job-type’ person


An Introvert is a shy person who tends to keep his thoughts private. They need as less distraction as possible which they consider people – that is – they tend to work in a small groups even alone. Introverts are the people of focus. They look deep into details and enjoy concentrating on one task at a time. They are the ‘Job-type’ people because they do their service in the best way.


You are not the one to take the imitative, but a good helper. You are not the Batman, but the Robbin. When it comes to take decisions or make choices, you just play it by ear and go along with whatever comes your way[1]. If you are assigned any task in the middle of the way, You seek for other’s help to complete it. If your team performs wrong somewhere, you will try your best to correct it. You trust others and you act as commanded


If you are a service oriented person and want to do comfort to your society ASAP, you must go for a job like being a doctor, Social worker, Teacher etc. These enjoy helping others and are ‘People-person.’ They are responsible and reliable at the same time.

Entrepreneur/’Business-type’ person


These enjoy responsibility mentoring others. They know hoe to build, Shape and maintain the teams of people. Enterprisers are self confident and very ambitious. They know ‘When’ and ‘What’ to do. They know when to push for a task and when to dismantle it.


If you are an analyzer and introducer of techniques based on the data, they you fall here. These observe where the vacuum is in the society and come up with the out of the box ideas to fill that vacuum efficiently and strategically. These possess a very good leadership skills like Enterpriser.

Develop the ‘Entrepreneur’ in yourself

How to become an entrepreneur? Starting with a quote by Erin Wike on Indeed, ‘Becoming an entrepreneur may not have a degree requirement nor specific professional requirements, but it takes lots of knowledge, passion and a drive to achieve. It’s also the type of venture that requires someone who is risk-averse and has support to handle failure or acceptance if the idea doesn’t match the exact need and timing in the market.’ READ MORE

Job vs Business: Conclusion

It is not the amount of money you are gonna make for which the answer depends, but what actually suits you. If thinking that way, for example, a middler type person tries to set up a business, he will definitely go into loss, because they are dependent on orders and do not take pains for coming with out of the box ideas.

In this article of ‘job vs business,’ we didn’t took earning as any point to put in front of you just because it doesn’t make any sense. It is like telling an expert of Arabic language to teach Spanish in college. He can try, but will fail, because he has to compete with other Spanish experts too. Where do you think you would have gone to for learning Spanish (Comment below).

Job vs Business debate is almost in everyone’s head, but the question is why? It is because of how the media have portrayed the ‘Job vs business’ instead of ‘service.’ This was why we placed a quote in the beginning of the section ‘Job vs Business.’

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[1]: Economic times, Four types of work personalities

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