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So you want to learn web development, but where to start from? Now there are many ways and answers to this question. But we raise another question. Which of these methods is worth giving a try?

And here is that feasible method in this course. Well will follow a map, and step by step, we will move together, So;

What is web development?

WELL… it simply is Building and managing of websites on Internet. But What are the Website actually. In order to build them, you must know what they are. Then we will know what actually internet is, to know how to manage them there. Therefore;

What are the websites and how they work?

A website is a collection of web pages [Bunch of files simply] and related content that is identified by a common domain name [For example;, etc.] and published on a computer called server which is connected to the internet. Then a user uses Clients (Browsers, for example chrome, Firefox etc.) to load these websites.

You are not only receiving data, but you are also sending data in the form of information. For Example, you asked Google about Web development course, so you sent data from your side. and google instead of showing you trillions of results, shows some specific results to you in return. This is the Skelton of the internet

Now we have learned what websites are and how they work, now we will learn what you will learn in this course.

What will you learn in this course?

As a web developer, you have either to work in the backend of a website (Which we will learn later) or frontend (Which we will learn later) or both, in which case, you will be called a full stack developer.


It means you will be working on the client side of the website. That is how a user is going to see the website and feel the essence of the website. It is called frontend because it is what a user sees in front of him/her when he/she opens the website in a browser.


It is the part of the website that the user can’t see, but it actually handles a lot of functionality; necessary for everything to work.

The perfect example for this is given by Coder coder;

Suppose you entered to a restaurant with fancy seating, beautiful lighting and beautiful setup. You grabbed your seat and ordered something. The waiter goes to the back of the restaurant; cooking-room or kitchen, and asks them to prepare your order. After a while you see a delicious food in front of you which you enjoy with delight.

Front end web development is like the ‘front’ of the restaurant; fancy seating, beautiful lighting and beautiful setup. Backend web development is like the ‘Back end’ of the restaurant. There are no fancy seating, beautiful lighting or beautiful setup, just cooks cooking for you, which you are not allowed to see.

What will we start?

We will start learning Front end for which we will start from;


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