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Here is a short guideline you MUST read and follow in order to get published

What Not to do

1. Your article Must not be an interview or a podcast: It is not expected form an expert to copy and paste the content from interviews or podcasts. Remember, readers come to Ganaie to learn something useful from your in-hand experience. Ganaie is not an alternative, but an originality and together we must preserve this for our readers.

2. It must be Unique, not published anywhere before: You must remember that writing is a trait of a leader and it reflects the leadership and intellect of a writer. As said before, Ganaie expects a useful and unique article. If it is already on Internet then our readers have no excuse for coming here. Please note that we do not publish already published material or plagiarized material. [NOTE: you CAN collect the information. We will talk about it below]

3. Promotional content: You are here to display your creativity, ideas and intellect. We want you to be honest with our readers. Articles show your expertise and are not for promotions. You surely Will be mentioned plus if you run a business or a blog or anything, that will be mentioned too [with a backlink], but we want you to write article to help our readers, not to gain traffic or promotions.

4. Unattributed quotes or information: If you include any information or quotes from other sources, you must acknowledge and credit them. For example, if you cite something from The NighTale, include that attribution and link to it. [NOTE: We cannot publish images we don’t have rights to. Please leave all imagery to us.]

What TO do

Other than the above mentioned things, You can do and write on anything. But note, only ‘to the point’ articles will be published. References are MUST and your article MUST be “Well Structured”

Where to Submit?

After Following the above guidelines, Please submit your article to

You Will hear from us under 7 days after you submit. Meanwhile read our Example articles to get the better taste of what we publish.

Thank You.